FTP from iOS but getting tsneterr: (67) Access denied: 530

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
Thu May 25 20:48:15 EDT 2017


This works for me.

put MyVar into url ("ftp://FTPusername:FTPpassword@mydomain.on-rev.com/somepath/somefile.ext")

I looks like your using your email address for the username. Create an FTP account in cPanel FTP setup. Don't use the built in one or someone could sniff the password to your on-rev account.

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Subject: FTP from iOS but getting tsneterr: (67) Access denied: 530

Hi All,

I’m trying to ftp and image from the photo gallery on iOS to my on-rev account.  I’m using the example:
on mouseUp
mobilepickphoto “library"
--upload to FTP
put the last image into url ("ftp://autoimage@jdoe.on-rev.com:xxxxxxxxx@jdoe.on-rev.com/autoimage/images/newimage.jpg”)
--Informs of successful or unsuccessful upload if the result is not empty then answer "url put failed:" && the result else answer "success!”
end if
end mouseUp

It is throwing and an error, tsnetterr:(67) Access Denied: 530.

I can use Fetch (a mac FTP client) just fine with the same credentials and upload an image with no problem. I don’t even have to give Fetch the full ftp directory, just the host.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

John Patten
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