Open Inv Stack on iPhone

Dan Friedman dan at
Thu May 25 16:59:25 EDT 2017

Does anyone have any insight about this….  If you open a stack file on an iPhone invisibly, the app crashes.  For example:

      open inv stack “/folder/folder/stackName.rev" 

This works fine on windows, mac, and an iPad.  But, on a iPhone (real device or simulator) it crashes.  Any thoughts?  Or perhaps a workaround?

The file and the path are good. I know this because if I open the stack without “inv”, it opens just fine.  

LC 8.1.3
iOS 10.3.1

FYI, the goal is to get the stack file open and in memory so I can call it later.  But, I don’t want to see it open.

Thanks in advance!

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