LC Server - Upload Large Images?

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Thu May 25 12:10:11 EDT 2017

I wonder if the file is being created read only (is it possible there is a
umask set on that folder that does this?)  at which point renaming it,
deleting, or whatever wouldn't work, but reading it and creating a copy
(put url into url) would work.  I'd be looking at the permissions of those
newly created files in tmp and see.

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 9:47 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
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> Rick Harrison wrote:
> > After way too much wasted time - the answers ended up being:
> >
> > Instead of using rename which throws a sysError 20 to move the file
> > from the /tmp/ folder to the destination folder use:
> >
> > put URL ("binfile:" & tFilePath) into URL ("binfile:" &
> >   VarNewPathAndFileToSaveTo)
> >
> > Where VarNewPathAndFileToSaveTo is your default path plus any new
> > folder you would care to add.
> >
> > That works great!
> Weird.  If you can copy the file but not move it, I'm mystified.
> Are you sure the destination path used in both methods is the same?
> Can you delete the file in tmp after copying?  If so, that would seem to
> me either a bug in LC or a bug in macOS.
> If not, there may be a permissions issue there where you can read but not
> write the file (though that wouldn't explain how your LC Server process can
> write to it).
> Also weird that there doesn't appear to be a single authoritative list of
> error codes from Apple that are easily findable.
> So far I've turned up only third-party listings (often out of date), with
> error 20 being described only with the vague "I/O System Error".
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