Funny pricing policy

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Or, you can email support and magically get the discount applied,

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> The T-shirt pricing policy connected to LC Global:
> One has to pay 100% if one purchases LC Global nearly 'at once',
> one has to pay  50% if one purchases LC Global a few days later,
> one has to pay   0% if one answers the survey and buys LCG after that.
> The next steps are probably
> one has to pay -50% (1 and 1/2 for nothing) if one buys LCG at the last
> day,
> one has to pay -100% (two for nothing) if one buys LCG past the last day.
> So never buy a LC product before the day after the 'last day'.
> (The 'last day' for LCG is announced as May 29, 2017).
> ;-)
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