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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu May 25 11:13:10 EDT 2017

William Prothero wrote:

 > Thanks for the comments. I bet the linefeeds caused me the problem,
 > since I just took the contents of a text field, put them in an array,
 > and didn’t pay attention to linefeeds.

Linefeeds are common in data.  Consider any user note, such as bug 
reports at Bugzilla, or most emails, or the body of a note in Evernote, 
or most JSON data, or a great many other circumstances.

Many base64 implementations output with 80-char wraps.  LiveCode's 
formatting is not at all uncommon.

If lineFeeds are a problem with a storage system there's probably a good 
way to account for them that will benefit many things beyond serialized 

 > Now I remember why I didn’t try to directly connect to the dB. The
 > security issue makes it inadvisable to go direct. It would be nice
 > if there was a cautionary statement about that in the dictionary.

This is an ongoing theme in forum discussions:  what should the scope of 
the Dictionary encompass?

It's a good question, one without an easy answer:

On the one hand, the Dictionary is the first go-to for most learners and 
experienced devs alike, so it can indeed be helpful to pack as much 
relevant info there as practical.

But on the other hand, a dictionary serves a fundamentally different 
role from a User Guide, the former serving as a quick reference, 
emphasizing only the essentials for a given token, while the latter is 
where we might expect longer discussions of broader contexts like 

Part of the problem with the User Guide is that it's seldom read, and I 
find many new users don't even know it exists at all.

We can't blame them for missing the User Guide and being disappointed 
that the Dictionary doesn't serve both roles, given that the Dictionary 
is very easy to find in the IDE but the User Guide is buried deep in the 
middle of the Help menu.

Suggestions for a quick rearrangement of Help menu items to draw 
appropriate attention to each learning resource have been submitted:

But on this specific issue, even if those valuable changes were made, it 
wouldn't solve the issue at hand in this thread:

While there is a section in the User Guide on working with databases, 
the common practice of using middleware like PHP, Perl, Ruby, 
JavaScript, LiveCode, etc. to deliver RESTful APIS that also protect the 
DB from the open internet isn't covered there.

Perhaps one of the readers of this list this might take a stab at adding 
something on that?

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