LC Server - Upload Large Images?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 25 17:47:06 CEST 2017

Rick Harrison wrote:

 > After way too much wasted time - the answers ended up being:
 > Instead of using rename which throws a sysError 20 to move the file
 > from the /tmp/ folder to the destination folder use:
 > put URL ("binfile:" & tFilePath) into URL ("binfile:" &
 >   VarNewPathAndFileToSaveTo)
 > Where VarNewPathAndFileToSaveTo is your default path plus any new
 > folder you would care to add.
 > That works great!

Weird.  If you can copy the file but not move it, I'm mystified.

Are you sure the destination path used in both methods is the same?

Can you delete the file in tmp after copying?  If so, that would seem to 
me either a bug in LC or a bug in macOS.

If not, there may be a permissions issue there where you can read but 
not write the file (though that wouldn't explain how your LC Server 
process can write to it).

Also weird that there doesn't appear to be a single authoritative list 
of error codes from Apple that are easily findable.

So far I've turned up only third-party listings (often out of date), 
with error 20 being described only with the vague "I/O System Error".

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