Printed dictionary (was Re: send mouseup to control)

James Hale james at
Wed May 24 22:21:33 EDT 2017

In following them discussion on execution contexts Richard wrote:
> The executionContexts is documented, though in all fairness that Dict 
> entry includes a note about not relying on the format of its contents. 

Normally I would moan to myself about how I would like to look that up but as I am reading this email (and nearly all others) on my iPad I cannot use the online dictionary as it can't handle a touch interface (the mothership is aware that they do have a non mobile friendly resource for a mobile capable product).

But this morning the printed dictionary arrived! 🎉

So I looked up executionContexts

Where I read...
'' A common use of the executionContexts is to obtain the name of the object and handler that called the current handler, this information is available as line -2 of the executionContexts."

BTW there was no mention of any caveats in using this property.


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