Dropbox v1 API - one month until it is shut off!

Monte Goulding monte at appisle.net
Wed May 24 18:05:39 EDT 2017

We have a derivative of Gerard’s library in LC 9:

https://github.com/livecode/livecode/blob/develop/extensions/script-libraries/dropbox/dropbox.livecodescript <https://github.com/livecode/livecode/blob/develop/extensions/script-libraries/dropbox/dropbox.livecodescript>

There is not much point maintaining mergDropbox if there are script library alternatives available.



> On 25 May 2017, at 5:42 am, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> Reminder, everyone using dropbox, you have until the end of June to get
> your apps migrated to the v2 API before your dropbox functionality will
> cease.  Rumor says that the Dropbox team is granting reprieves to people
> who ask for them, but I don't know if that's for everyone for every app.
> If you are using the phx_dropboxLib library, my advice is that you download
> Gerard McCarthy's dropboxAPI_2 lib and get your code switched.  If you
> don't already have it, I have it as a repo on github (
> https://github.com/macMikey/dropboxapi_v2), both as a binary stack and as a
> script-only stack, but it is available in a variety of places.
> If you are using mergDropbox, I just sent a reminder to Edinburgh that
> Monte has work to do, but I don't have an ETA.
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