how are URL / libUrl / tsNet related?

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On 2017-05-22 09:47, Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode wrote:
> Hello,
> I feel, that I am missing some basics about URL / libUrl / tsNet.
> I thought, when using the keyword "URL" like in "put URL foo into res" 
> it
> has used under the hood in the past functions from libUrl. And I 
> thought
> since LC 8 or so libURL was replaced by tsNet, so when using today the
> keyword URL it uses under the hood tsNet.

There are two types of URL related functionality in the engine:

   - those provided by syntax (e.g. load url, url, post etc.)

   - those provided by libUrl prefixed functions and commands.

The syntax works because the engine sends a message (such as loadUrl) 
the message path to handle any occurrences of 'load url X'. The other 
and commands because libUrl is just a library stack/backscript.

The tsNet external provides a richer set of functionality via a 
collection of
tsNet functions and commands - the tsNet functionality is a superset of 
provided by libUrl.

When we started bundling tsNet, Charles modified the built-in libUrl so 
it consists of a universal library script, and a 'driver' script - the 
script provides the public API (both for functions and syntax) and then
dispatches to a (private) driver library which actually does the work.

tsNet comes with a libUrl driver which implements the whole of libUrl's
functionality via tsNet.

If you just choose to include libUrl, then you will get the libUrl 
(which runs using engine socket commands); if you also include tsNet, 
it will install its driver on startup; so libUrl will then be doing all 
its work
vai tsNet.

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