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Colin, you are an incredibly handy person to know. :) What a stroke of 
luck that you were there exactly when the new policy changes were released.

Thank you.

On 5/18/17 9:39 PM, Colin Holgate via use-livecode wrote:
> At Google I/O they have one building which is called Office Hours, and in there you can queue up and get to ask Google team members any questions you have. Most teams are represented, with an hour for each session.
> One of the teams there wasn’t even on the schedule, but I had been pointed to them by someone else. The mystery team was the Google Play Policy team. So I went and asked some questions.
> It’s down to chance who you will get, but I happened to get the person is the manager of the team that does app reviews and rejections, so certainly the right person to speak to!
> I asked about whether downloaded images would be allowed under the new policy, he thought that would be no problem, as its static data. Without naming the tool, I described how a LiveCode app might download new scripts, and how it wasn’t compiled code, but it just wasn’t JavaScript. He seemed think that would be ok.
> I also asked if it would be possible for LiveCode to get in touch to explain to someone on his team what the nature of LiveCode apps is, in the hope that the review team would have LiveCode on a list somewhere, as being a tool that would be allowed to download scripts after the app was already in the store.
> So, if anyone at LiveCode would be interest in getting in touch with Google, to give a rough explanation about how scripts might be used, I have the main man’s email address. It may well be that he would put you touch with the right person on his team, rather than handle it on his own.
> Let me know what you think.
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