Sort so that "Hello" is always before "hello"

hh hh at
Thu May 18 18:29:46 EDT 2017

> Richard E.H. wrote:
> ... the possibility of something like
>   sort lines of theData by word 1 of each & \
>     (lower(char 1 of each) <> upper(char 1 of each))
> But I don't think I can use multiple each's like that, can I?

Your approach is to use a sort function, a powerful tool.

The multiple "each" are no problem. "Each" points simply to the current line.
But because lower(a-zA-Z) is _always_ not equal to upper(a-zA-Z) you mean probably

set the casesensitive to false -- is default, just to be clear here
sort theData by each & \ 
   ( charToNum(char 1 of each) <> charToNum(lower(char 1 of each)) )

Then you have (each & "false") if char 1 of each is an upper case what comes
in the ascending order before (each & "true").

[But this will be, TMHO, usually a bit slower than multiple sorts].

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