Sort so that "Hello" is always before "hello"

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> What you are wanting to do is a recursive function that sorts within each
> word. If the first character is all you care about, it would be easy
> enought to code, but if *every* character comes into play, the problem
> becomes grossly complex. This isn't a sort problem. It's a filing order
> problem


sort the lines of mycontainer by mysort of each

where mysort is a function previously defined.

Or, perhaps more creatively

repeat for each line theLin in theData

put theLin into arry[mysort(theLin)

end repeat

put the keys of arry into srtVals

sort lines of srtVals

repeat for each line theLin in srtVals

put arry[theLin] & cr after newData

end repeat

where mysort() simply rearranges the characters into order AaBb etc.  (so
"A" maps to "a", "a" maps to "b", and so forth, leaving the rest of the
ascii intact.  Or perhaps it could remap the symbols & numbers to
preference, too.   There are something like 95! possible mappings . . .

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