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Thanks for the kind words. I think that comments by relative newbies, who don’t have the same experience with LC are very important. I’ve mentioned several times that some of the tutorials and lessons can miss things that the author takes for granted. I’m particularly sensitive to this because of my long experience teaching college students having them use my software. 

It is very difficult for the developer of the software to avoid making assumptions based on experience and it takes special attention. One organization I worked with did eye-tracking with naive users to validate their web applications. I don’t think that’s needed for livecode, but more attention to this, when publishing teaching documents would be very helpful. 

This was a very significant problem with the first course on using LC to make apps that came with the iPhone. I ended up dropping out because I was wasting so much of my time trying to figure out bugs and what should have been in the tutorial. These resources may be the first time a person really gets into Livecode and the kinds of difficulties I encountered could be very off-putting to a new user.

Anyway, I encourage the authors of tutorial software to pay significant attention to learning resources they put out for the public to make sure the learning goes smoothly.


> But posts like yours are VERY helpful for those of us who teach newcomers.  When we've learned these things too long ago it's easy to forget they were ever unintuitive at first, which may miss opportunities for more effective on-boarding.
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