Writing Extensions

Roland Huettmann roland.huettmann at gmail.com
Thu May 18 10:51:54 EDT 2017

I am following this discussion about extensions with great interest.

Still, partially it goes over my head and as a simple LCS scripter, I
sometimes feel a bit lost.

As I read from different beginners sources, the best is always to know C
and C++ as the "mothers" of languages to then being able to appreciate and
understand higher level languages much better. But unfortunately, I do not
have the time to spend the next 12 months in going deeply into C/C++.

The examples and lessons for LCB provided so far from different sources are
possible to follow, but we "normal" LCS users not knowing other languages
lack the deeper understanding to be able to use such LCB tool without a lot
of explanation and a lot of examples.

And such explanation and examples should be based on the notion that all a
typical user knows is a medium level knowledge of LCS and nothing much more.

Sometimes it is good to just assume a user who is a complete newbie. Coming
also from the field of advertising, I was always told to text in such a way
that my grandmother will understand it, or a 12-year-old schoolmate. If
they understand then everyone will understand.

I hope that there is somebody who is willing to spend the time unfolding
the potential of LCB to the "rest of us" since who would not like to work
with more sophisticated widgets or execute them in a fraction of time and
at least be able to twist things the way we want?

Or what do I have to learn to actually using LCB based on a fractional and
medium level of understanding -- enough for LCS, but not enough for more.

For a newbie, it is already difficult understanding what a "canvas" is
since that term is not used in LCS. And there is more to learn.

And I would appreciate --- I am not knowledgeable myself enough to do this,
otherwise I would -- if there would be an easy to read article on how all
this fits together, how LCS and LCB work, what a parser actually is, what
it means to compile, what is done using C++ behind the curtain, and how the
computer / the processor would understand our instructions given in
near-English LCS language. And then -- especially following examples and
working with them -- some knowledge will dawn. All this could be done in
the context of LCS, LCB, and even C++ as the source of all.

Maybe, really, I should start learning C++ now.)


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