HTML5 deployment: progress comes into sight

hh hh at
Thu May 18 10:09:10 EDT 2017

[Excerpt from thread 'LC core team', now with a more approriate title.]

> > Mark Waddingham wrote on May 18, 2017:
> > What are the consequences of that [team] change for the HTML5 deployment?
> > There was no progress with that for half a year. Is it now 'stopped'?
> No - it never stopped. Admittedly the last *feature* to be added to the
> HTML5 engine was 'do as javascript' (which is actually a feature which
> enables anyone who knows javascript to get the HTML5 engine to do a 
> whole
> lot), but remember that the HTML5 engine is just another platform like
> any other, so work on the platform as a whole benefits HTML5 too.
> That being said, recently we are a hair's breadth away from getting
> widgets working in HTML5 (hopefully running a little quicker than they
> did before too):
> (Yes, the name of the PR sounds unrelated to HTML5, but the purpose of
> doing what it said was to get widgets working *in* HTML5 - but it has
> a couple of other fringe benefits as well - a slight performance bump
> for LCB execution in general)
> We've also been looking at how to abstract the FFI work we've done as
> part of the Infinite LiveCode campaign to allow LCB to bind to 
> JavaScript
> APIs (which will allow greater type fidelity than is possible using
> 'do as javascript' from LCS).

That sounds so great, not only all HTML5-license owners look forward to
these improvements.
Especially a javascript FFI would allow to 'connect' the HTML5 canvas
element and the LC Builder canvas object.

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