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On 2017-05-18 12:48, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> There is rumour about personal changes in the LC core-team.
> Could we please get some reliable info about that?

Well, not 'personal' (in the usual sense of the word) per-se, but
our team has changed slightly recently. I'll post some more information
about this in due course.

> What are the consequences of that change for the HTML5 deployment?
> There was no progress with that for half a year. Is it now 'stopped'?

No - it never stopped. Admittedly the last *feature* to be added to the
HTML5 engine was 'do as javascript' (which is actually a feature which
enables anyone who knows javascript to get the HTML5 engine to do a 
lot), but remember that the HTML5 engine is just another platform like
any other, so work on the platform as a whole benefits HTML5 too.

That being said, recently we are a hair's breadth away from getting
widgets working in HTML5 (hopefully running a little quicker than they
did before too):

(Yes, the name of the PR sounds unrelated to HTML5, but the purpose of
doing what it said was to get widgets working *in* HTML5 - but it has
a couple of other fringe benefits as well - a slight performance bump
for LCB execution in general)

We've also been looking at how to abstract the FFI work we've done as
part of the Infinite LiveCode campaign to allow LCB to bind to 
APIs (which will allow greater type fidelity than is possible using
'do as javascript' from LCS).

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