Writing Extensions

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Thu May 18 07:29:02 EDT 2017

> hh wrote:
>> But I wait for my next examples until there is a stable
>> widget format (we have meanwhile three formats that work on
>> some LC versions only, not on the others).
> Mark Waddingham wrote:
> Unfortunately we aren't going to be guaranteeing binary-level 
> compatibility of the LCB module format for quite some time - it will 
> likely change in every major version for quite a while yet.

No, not only the binary-level compatibility is the problem. LC Builder
is not downward compatible (without documenting that), already running
parts are removed.

See for example (in forum/bug-triage):

> hh wrote:
>>> To adjust these costs too much time, simply recompiling 
>>> worked here only in 1 of 20 cases.
> Mark Waddingham wrote:
> Can you elaborate by 'recompiling only worked here in 1 of 20 cases'?
> There's probably something we can do here. Currently widget source code
> is included in the extension when built using the extension builder (this
> will always be true of the community edition, and when we have our
> 'extensions store/sharing portal', it will be one way we can ensure people
> aren't doing anything nefarious (any widget which is to be accessible from
> community will require the source is in the extension, and also that the
> compiled module in the extension matches the included source). So, we
> could actually tweak things so that we generate the module file at
> extension installation time.

There are "public, non-LC-staff" lcb files on github (by TrevorDeVore)
or here (forum/LC Builder/Community widgets):

Feel free to take one as demo for what is not running in new LC versions.
The one connected most to the bug-triage link above is #42 ("SVG-Text"),
downloadable via livecodeshare or "Sample Stacks".

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