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Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Wed May 17 12:09:28 EDT 2017

On 2017-05-17 18:05, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> Ha! Yes, It sounds like that should take care of that issue. I kept
> thinking the pointer was showing me where the error occurred (the line
> number was correct), but I kept changing the parameter it was pointing
> to and still got the same syntax error. I finally narrowed down what
> was going on with that line, and it had nothing to do with what was
> being pointed out to me. I'll file a bug report on this.
> However, "Syntax error" as the sole error message doesn't really help
> much in telling me what I might have done wrong, especially given the
> lack of a messagebox or irb style playground to experiment with
> things.

Yes - the syntax error message is about as good as we can make it at
the moment by virtue of the fact we use bison (in GLR mode) to generate
the parser (the spec of which is generated from the syntax 
in the LCB source files which are compiled in lc-compile) :(

LCB is more of a 'traditional' language - so compilation is completely
divorced from execution - hence no REPL loop.

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