Dispatching Messages to Closed Stacks Which Are Not in Memory

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Tue May 16 13:31:03 EDT 2017

Bob:    I think you are confusing the meaning of "open" with "running in the IDE". Library stacks open but may have no windows or controls created in the IDE. In fact a script only stack has no graphical elements at all. "Open" means "Open as a file that loads into memory". 
Indeed, I have been under that misconception for a long time. and true, that was obvious for any files that have no LiveCode GUI layer component (script only stacks, text files), but was unexpect for stack that have actual cards/controls, especially since… all these years "open someStack" has been a common thing for me to do from the msg box. 

 Also I would not say "IDE" but in the "UI space" because is not limited to the IDE.

then why does 

open "some stack"  in the msg box  toplevel it?  

Enhancement "idea" still stands…

Simple way to toplevel (or open in any mode other than 0)  stack A with "dispatch " from another stack B

And since : open SomeStack toplevels it from the msg box, why not from script?


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