Identical and similar blend modes

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Tue May 16 13:18:06 EDT 2017

On 2017-05-16 12:32, Roger Eller via use-livecode wrote:
> Results may vary depending on OS, video card, and/or video drivers.  
> Many
> of these appear subtly different to me.

They shouldn't - all the blend mode code is cross-platform - so if there
is a difference across platform (which isn't down to just differences in
the Monitor's Color Profile) it would be a bug!

In this case, it is probably just that what you see will depend on what
the colors/alpha of the destination and source pixels are. Indeed, for 
of the 'structural' blend modes, they don't do very much unless they
are used within a group which has ink 'blendSrcOver', as they modify
the destination alpha channel (which cards don't really have).

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