[ANN] This Week in LiveCode 82

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Tue May 16 08:51:20 EDT 2017

Yes, thanks. [You did probably test on Mac only. It's not worth to mix
in the problem of linux (and Raspi) with blend modes/transparency here.]

Anyway, I updated my stack to a simple Theme-switcher, usable as tiny 
plugin and included it to post RaspberryPi stacks #89
( http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?p=150402#p150402 ).

I find it more comfortable (what the stack does by one click) to simply
reverse all current settings of the prefs for theme and background by
setting the blend modes. That's pretty fast and one can use it for each
script editor window differently dark or light: incredibly efficient ;-)

> Okay so - I take it the current approach is:
>    edit script of stack "revmenubar"
>    set the ink of field "Script" of stack "revNewScriptEditor 1" to 
> "notSrcCopy"
> Which gives the exact same effect as:
>    set the ink of field "Script" of stack "revNewScriptEditor 1" to 
>    "blendDifference"
> As far as I can see, anyway...
> However a better effect (due to the way drawing works, transparency, 
> antialiasing and
> such like) is to actually set the colors of the field. i.e.
>    - backgroundColor black (inverse of white)
>    - each color assigned to the colorization inverted in the same way
> The former is directly configurable in preferences; the latter current 
> has three
> fixed modes also configurable in preferences (none, default, classic). 
> The colorization
> 'schemes' are defined in the seColorizationLoadScheme handler in the
> revseutilitiesbehavior.livecodescript file:
> <https://github.com/livecode/livecode-ide/blob/
> b633a07eddc577887b94bd09cbc2d4ef4f50f4be/Toolset/palettes/
> script%20editor/behaviors/revsestackbehavior.livecodescript>
> These are easy to add to - or better yet, a little dialog in preferences 
> which allows
> you to add / remove them would be cool.
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.

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