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On 5/15/17 7:23 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> Until we see some enforced security standards, I have no interest in
> "smart cars", "smart TVs" or "smart homes".  When I look at those
> products I just see one big botnet.

Ditto. But I do want a smart home and I've had one for years. We still 
use the older X10/Insteon protocol, which I suspect is more convenient 
than a smartphone because I don't have to speak commands or find my 
phone to launch an app. Sensors and timers manage everything, there's no 
network connection at all, and I hardly ever need to flip a light switch.

Not to mention, I don't want my refrigerator to know what I'm eating and 
I have zero interest in turning on my crockpot remotely. They're 
*supposed* to cook all day.

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