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Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Mon May 15 15:42:48 EDT 2017

SrcCopy is identical to blendSrcOver - the latter is its alpha-aware counterpart. The engine makes no distinction between the two - except on groups where it determines if the group should be rendered first and then composited (blendSrcOver), or if its children should be directly composites into the group's parent.

That won't change.

In terms of notSrcCopy then there are other blends which do a similar thing - although in that specific case I'd suggest perhaps letting users set colours in the script editor would be a better approach ;)


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>> Mark W. wrote:
>>> and most of these legacy Blend Modes:
>>> clear, noop, notSrcAnd, notSrcAndReverse,
>>> notSrcCopy, notSrcOr, notSrcOrReverse,
>>> notSrcXor, reverse, set, srcAnd,
>>> srcAndReverse, srcCopy, srcOr,
>>> srcOrReverse, srcXor, blend, addPin
>>> addOver, subPin, transparent
>>> adMin, addMax
>> We're still on the fency about all of these - I do wonder how
>> much they are used anymore particularly as they do not fit into
>> the RGBA rendering model which everyone uses anymore and as such
>> are incredibly inefficient. (They will never be acceleratable,
>> for example).
>> I'd be surprised if people couldn't get similar effects by using
>> appropriate blend inks - if they are still in use at all.
>> Ali L. wrote:
>> To be fair, the docs claim the legacy blend modes have been deprecated
>> since LC 5! We've supported them for quite a long time post-deprecation...
> 1. Please read this twice and don't cry ...
> The default blendLevel of each and every LC object that has an ink is
> "srcCopy" --- 'incredibly inefficient' as you judge it.
> 2. How do you define a "similar" effect?
> 3. Please tell me for example which "similar" blend effect allows a dark
>   theme in the script editor which is currently simly done by setting the
>   fields ink to "notSrcCopy".
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