Seeking recommendations / suggestions for use of library stacks.

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon May 15 01:12:09 EDT 2017

On 5/13/17 6:29 PM, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:
> all initialisation would be done in the librarystack handler
> that handler would also set a script-local variable to avoid repeated
> initialisation
> so something like
> local sIHaveBeenInitialized
> on librarystack
>   if sIHaveBeenInitialized is empty then
>     put the millisecs into sIHaveBeenInitialized
>   else
>      -- setup initial / default values, etc.
>      ....
>   end if
> end librarystack
> This is fine for subsequent usage of the library - however, it's not so
> convenient while working on the library. The problem then is that any
> changes made to the initialization won't take effect unless I either
> manually unset this script-local, or exit / re-enter the IDE.
> I thought about adding a reset handler, e.g.
> on library_reset
>    put empty int sIHaveBeenInitialized
>    pass library_reset
> end library_reset
> which would give me a quick, safe and easy way to reset any (all)
> libraries from the message box. But then I thought it felt like I was
> rediscovering a wheel - so I thought I'd ask on here :-)
> Is there another easier / better way to handle this ?

That's often what I do too. Calling a reset handler from the message box 
is pretty simple.

Or if the logic allows it, sometimes I add a check for the environment 
to the initialization handler. If the environment is "development" then 
I re-initialize.

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