sysError List?

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Sun May 14 12:05:26 EDT 2017

Hi Rick,

> On 14. May 2017, at 15:51, Rick Harrison via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi Ralf,
> Are you doing this in an LC Server
> by accessing the script through a 
> web-browser such as Safari?

yes, the path the script yields is:


no matter which browser I use.

> As I’m not getting a path - what
> path are you getting specifically?
> I’m still trying to locate where my
> temp files are ending up.  I don’t
> know if they are just going to the
> bit bucket in the sky or what!
> If this is working for you given the
> above parameters then it probably
> means it isn’t a bug with LC but
> a problem with my system or
> some quirk with setup of the server.
> Thanks in advance.
> Rick


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