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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat May 13 13:44:40 EDT 2017

Richmond Mathewson wrote:
 > What I do not understand is how organisations like the British State
 > Health System (NHS) cane be so bl**dy stupid to
 > rely on Windows, without (obviously) all sorts of safeguards.

While this specific exploit happened to be Windows-specific, this isn't 
really a Windows issue.


 From the information available thus far, it looks like Microsoft did 
their job.  They provided protection against this vulnerability months 
ago, and have been warning people not to use older unsupported OS 
versions for years.

If someone switches from Windows to macOS or Linux, as long as they keep 
using OS versions beyond EOL they'll still be putting themselves (ansd 
potentially any system they connect to) at risk.

 > Anyway, just at the moment I'm dusting off my G3 iMac running Mac OS
 > 9.2.2 with Classilla.

...hopefully without an Internet connection, since Apple stopped 
patching that one a long time ago and criminals have learned a lot since 

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