Update strategy?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Fri May 12 15:03:55 EDT 2017

On 5/12/17 4:20 AM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> your method also avoids the issue of launching a completely automatic
> update without giving the user an opportunity to refuse. So you just
> get the user to run the installer, the same way as Tiemo does - is
> that right?

It would be if I still used installers. My long-term client said she'd 
never use one again, it caused more problems than it solved. So we use a 
plain .zip file now for Windows and a .dmg for Mac. That isn't without 
issues as well, mostly for Windows users, who don't always understand 
that Windows inexplicably opens the zip file with the contents 
displayed, but it isn't really unzipped. When they try to double-click 
the .exe file, it fails and usually results in a support call. The 
instructions clearly state that they need to move the enclosed folder to 
the desktop, but users don't read, especially if it is in giant red text 
with underscores and stars and italics and repeated several times. 
(Okay, I exaggerate.)

But for the most part she tells me that support is less with this method 
than it was for the installer they used to use. It probably depends on 
what installer you have. I took over the project post-installer so I 
don't have any experience with their previous product.

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