SVG powered images

hh hh at
Thu May 11 17:12:46 EDT 2017


nice idea and clever work, congratulations.

Two remarks:

(1) Actually the svg-to-png conversion method toDataUrl() yields 
at most a 96 dpi image.
So, if you scale the svg once to an image of twice the maximum size
you will need, then set the resizequality of that image to "best"
and scale it down _with LC_ to the size you actually need, you may
have better results on some devices.

(2) You speak in your help of a "peculiar bug". It is not a bug.
It is a first look at the js "callback hell":
The call of "liveCode.JStoLC(myImage,tID);" in your html comes too
early. The second call then shows the result of meanwhile finished
first call.


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