Wouldn't it be nice to have a "back/forward" button in script editor?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu May 11 12:17:16 EDT 2017

I've wanted this for years. There is half a way to do it, but it's very 
limited. Right click on a handler name in calling handler and choose "go to 
definition". It will scroll to the handler in the script or open a new 
script tab if necessary. The orginal start position in the handler list 
remains hilited so you can find it again easily.

But it's far from perfect. If you click anywhere in the new handler, the 
list selection changes. And it only works for one hop. But even that much 
is useful for a quick check on what a particular handler does.
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On May 11, 2017 7:35:41 AM Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode 
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> When working on longer scripts with a lot of handlers, I often work on
> handler 1 and have to jump to handler 2 to have a look at it. Afterwords I
> have to go back to my handler 1. Nowadays I have to keep in mind, at which
> handler I was coming from and click at it in the list of handlers. Wouldn't
> it be nice, to have a "back" and "forward" button, (like in a browser) to
> get back to the last visited line (not like in a browser) or again forward,
> where I 've already been?
> Am I the only one, working like this, or is it my overflowed brain
> requesting such a feature?
> Tiemo
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