Update strategy?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Wed May 10 16:11:42 EDT 2017

On 5/10/17 1:00 PM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> Yes, but what if you want to update the launcher itself? Maybe I have
> made my ‘splash’ stack too rich in function, but I can easily see it
> needing revision. Because of this, I’m thinking of altering the
> structure of the app so that the update code is more or less all that
> is in the standalone recognised by the operating system, and all
> other stacks (including 90 percent of the original splash stack) are
> simply downloaded after the decision whether to update is made. Or is
> this stupid?

No, it's smart. The launcher should be the barest minimum required to 
get the rest of the data/stacks/whatever to load. That way there is 
rarely a need to update.

I've generally taken the easy way out. If I do need to update the 
launcher itself, it asks the user if they want to update and then 
launches a URL to a web page that has the download. I figure if the user 
could get it installed the first time, they can install the update. 
That's lazy on my part, but so far there haven't been many issues with it.

That's for desktop only. On mobile it's easy to let the OS do the updating.

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