sysError List?

Rick Harrison harrison at
Tue May 9 16:27:34 EDT 2017

Hi Richard,

I did some experiments and did get one instance
of rename to work properly.  Apparently I had
a permissions problem with writing to the folder/file.

I did the search on google for macOS errors.  The
lists that I found weren’t much help and said at
the very beginning that they weren’t up to date.
It also stated they could in fact be entirely wrong 
due to frequent updates of error codes.

Other issues I’m running into are:

1.  I’m running into some 32,767 array size
     error when trying to upload large images
     to the server.  Images smaller than
     the magic figure upload fine, and larger
     files over that figure throw and error
     message and fail to upload.

2.  Where can I find the LiveCode tmp folder
     where the images are initially uploaded?

     I need the complete file path to that so
     I can move the images where I want them.
     Unless there is a way I can upload directly
     to the file folder I want?

Thanks for your help!


> On May 9, 2017, at 3:40 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> The value returned from sysError is the OS error ID, which will vary from OS to OS and is subject to change.
> I usually do a search at Google for something like:
>  Windows OS error 20
> I looked up yours and it seems to be either "invalid path" or "device not found", depending on the OS and version.  They may be related, where perhaps "device" refers to storage device.
> What are the source and dest paths you were using with your rename command?
> -- 
> Richard Gaskin

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