Problem placing an image on the clipboard...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon May 8 15:00:50 EDT 2017

Using LC 6.7.11 (yes, I know, an old version!)

I have image data in the variable tImageData and the image's width and
height in tSize and I want to copy the image to the clipboard. The
following code works perfectly EVERY time in the IDE

        create inv image "pdfCopyTemp"
        set the width     of image "pdfCopyTemp" to item 1 of tSize
        set the height    of image "pdfCopyTemp" to item 2 of tSize
        set the imageData of image "pdfCopyTemp" to tImageData
        set the clipboardData["image"] to the text of image "pdfCopyTemp"
        wait 10 milliseconds with messages
        delete image "pdfCopyTemp"

However, when I build a standalone, it fails. Adding the line "answer
(the clipboardData["image"]) right after I SET the
clipboardData["image"] show me a PNG header in the IDE and just binary
data in the standalone, no image type header. It like one built into a
Standalone, the set the clipboardData["image"] to the text of image
"pdfCopyTemp" no longer works correctly!?!

I am sure this is probably a known bug of LC 6.7.11 that is fixed in a
later  release, but is anyone familiar with this bug? Anyone know a

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