Relayering Controls in 9 dp5 problematic?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat May 6 22:43:43 EDT 2017

layout card
make some controls
click on prop inspector
try to set the layer of fld now set to layer 6

nothing happens, IDE "blinks" are resets the field to 6

select fld; object menu, arrange, send back… now it works

property inspector is not updated.  use revApplicationOverview, click on a control button "whatever" and instead we get inspector for fld "title" even thought control button is highlighted.

Go back to Project Browser. Hmm… one control I tried to set to layer 2, does now in fact as layer 2

three of these controls were previously in a group. I ungrouped them theoretically that group is now "gone" from the stack…

relayerGroupControls is true (even though there is no group on the card)… still cannot relayer some objects?

What other conditions will "lock" a control into a specific layer?

Anyone else struggling with this?


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