looking for a smart approach to "sort" an array

Jim Lambert jiml at netrin.com
Sat May 6 15:30:50 EDT 2017

> Jacque wrote:
> I've done this often, it's a nice clean solution. And now that we can 
> set tabstops to 0, the second item won't be visible whether there's a 
> horizontal scrollbar or not.

That’s right!  tabwidths are handy for this hiding too.

But I realized Tiemo might not even need to bother hiding the otherData if he takes advantage of another property of fields - the metadata property:

	set the metadata of line 1 of field 1 to otherDataString
	set the metadata of line 2 of field 1 to otherDataString2

A field’s metadata is never visible.
Yet the otherData strings will travel along with each line as the user drags the the lines up and down. 

LiveCode offers so much flexibility! We can usually have a choice of approaches to any problem

Jim Lambert

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