Calling a livecode executable -ui from LC server and get back a result.

Mark Waddingham mark at
Fri May 5 15:23:41 EDT 2017

It is only editbin.exe you need which might floating around online on its own somewhere...

Also I think the subsystem is specified in a byte in the header of a PE executable so could be twizzled with a script that modifies that byte...

Probably an easy exercise for anyone who likes poking around in binary formats (search for windows PE format online should give the appropriate specs).

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> On 5 May 2017, at 19:11, Malte Brill via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Mark,
> thanks a lot for taking the time to explain things here! Very valuable information! I will certainly give it a try. Just need to install Vis Studio :-)
> While you are here: would you think, that a call to cURL should work on Windows server? For the life of me I can not get it to, even for the simplest calls. Always comes back with an out of memory error, which I believe is a lie in the status code. 
> This is actually what started the experiments for me. I will give Alex suggestion a try also, as this might be a workaround that might actually work. And all that, just because some 3rd party insists on cookie authentication for a Webservice where I would need to get the Headers back from a post. *sigh*
> Thanks all!
> Malte
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