Calling a livecode executable -ui from LC server and get back a result.

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 5 18:32:26 CEST 2017

Thanks for that background, Mark.

Please help me better understand the implications:  does this change 
mean that we can no longer run standalones facelessly on Windows by just 
calling them with the -ui flag while hideConsoleWindows is true?

I have a number of apps that provide both GUI and faceless modes, mostly 
installers but a few others.

What version did this change premier in?

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Mark Waddingham wrote:

> Hi Malte,
> On 2017-05-04 20:34, Malte Brill via use-livecode wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> has anybody successfully done this? Especially on Windows? I would
>> like to launch a livecode built application from a liveCode server
>> script and get the output back (on a Server that I control) Is that
>> possible? If so, how?
> The problem here is a Windows 'limitation' (well design decision
> really).
> Windows has two types of executable - console mode and GUI mode.
> LiveCode
> is a GUI mode application, which means that it detaches from the console
> and does not work in the way you would expect when run from the
> command-line.
> Now, a while I back I added a wee bit of code to the engine to make it
> still do something console-y on Windows: on startup it attempts to
> 'AttachConsole'
> which at least means the engine can access the console handles it was
> created
> with when doing stdout/stderr/stdin type stuff. However, the limitation
> here
> is that the process is still 'detached' from the parent and so does not
> necessarily block open process or shell. (This was done IIRC as a
> request
> from Roger Eller - I can't remember the exact reasons, but the code
> added
> seemed to help his specific case, at least).
> There's plenty of stuff about this around - Raymend Chen has plenty to
> say about it. One notable article being:
> Now, one thing he links to from here is:
> You could try using editbin.exe to change the subsystem type
> (editbin.exe is
> installed with any of the Visual Studio releases, or tools):
>    EDITBIN.EXE /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE <livecodestandaloneexe>
> Then see if this works in the way you want... It might...

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