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On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 4:28 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
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> Mike Kerner wrote:
> > The cool thing about TD is that you don't necessarily have to write
> > anything.  For example, Mark's AR note from yesterday can be
> > installed into TD as-is, which is exactly what Bernd did, yesterday.
> > He copied and pasted the email into a text file and sent it to me. A
> > couple of clicks later, and Mark's email was attached to
> > acceleratedRendering.  As I found out when I was trying to get some
> > changes submitted for the dictionary, there is a lot more to getting
> > it formatted for a dictionary entry.  For a note, not so
> > much.  It's a note, a comment, etc.  You can use TD more like a wiki.
> Good point.  What we have with that post and many others like it are
> effectively Tech Notes, distinct from Dictionary Entries and Tutorials.
> It's nice that Bernd has the time and interest in maintaining such a
> collection, but as you noted his Dictionary is separate from the IDE, and
> as such those Tech Notes are lost to the majority of LC users (except for
> those using TD and the handful of us who've been obsessively bookmarking
> such things over the years).
> It seems that both TD users and everyone else might benefit from a
> knowledge base of Tech Notes if they were made part of the LC repo, and the
> LC docs system extended to include them along with the other forms of
> learning materials.
> With a central place for a Tech Note repository, Bernd's work would be
> simplified by merely adding one extension to his system and everything
> there comes along for the ride.
> But beyond saving Bernd the extra work, such content would be in a form
> that could benefit the entire LC audience, no matter which mix of plugins
> that may be using at any given time.
> A wiki might be a suitable alternative to a Mardwon-centric repo like
> Github.  MaxV has a wiki, and I've offered before (and my offer still
> stands) to migrate that content to one of my LiveCode domains like
> LiveCodeJournal.com using Wikimedia, the package Wikipedia uses, so we can
> have the flexibility of a proven wiki engine but without the ads that are
> an understandable by-product of a free hosting service.
> TL;DR:
> Less formal Tech Notes are a valuable part of our community's collective
> knowledge base, and it would be ideal to have a curated collection of them.
> Once we do, any tools that could benefit from including them could do so
> easily.
> The value of the information is proportionate to the size of the audience
> reading it.  The more easily informal Tech Notes can be available to
> everyone, the more the community as a whole can realize their value.
> IMO the format and location of the collection is less important than that
> it exists.
> A pile of text files in a server directory today would be more valuable
> than a perfectly-formatted collection that doesn't exist.
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