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Thu May 4 15:04:49 EDT 2017

Mike Kerner wrote:

 > • There is a reason why Nissan is proposing adding Faraday cages to
 > the center console of the Juke (
 > - because your ability to conrol someone's phone, or see what they are
 > doing when your app is not in the foreground, is extremely limited,
 > especially on ios.
 > • Similarly, "Cinemode" does not work in Cinemark's app on ios (
 > even though it's a great idea.
 > • That has nothing to do with LC, it's an Apple thing.  Apple is also
 > very picky about what you can and cannot do when the phone is asleep
 > and when your app is not in the foreground.

How do call blockers apps work?

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