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Matt Maier wrote:

 > On Thu, May 4, 2017 at 8:39 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Matt Maier wrote:
 >> > Is there a concise list of what Livecode can do on mobile devices?
 >> I'm not sure, but filtering the Dictionary with "mobile" will reveal
 >> language elements specific to those platforms.
 > Okay, so am I doing it right if I find "mobileIdleTimerLocked()" and
 > interpret it to mean that on both ios and android I can find out if
 > the user has interacted with the phone because mobileIdleTimerLocked
 > will be false. Or mobileComposeTextMessage will let us bring up a
 > texting program with a message, but the user would still have to send
 > it.
 > I don't see much else.

...for that specific question.  For the original question of "what 
LiveCode can do on mobile devices", when I filter the Dictionary with 
"mobile" I see dozens of language tokens.

 >> > Auto-reply - prewritten messages that go out when you're focusing
 >> > to explain what you're doing and when you'll be done. Like "I'm at
 >> > yoga. I'll check my phone at 5".
 >> That would be handled on the server, no?
 > Wouldn't we need something on the phone to know that a call or text is
 > coming in?

Ah, I see. As worded it wasn't clear what the app would be replying to.

I don't believe LC currently offers a built-in solution for altering how 
incoming calls are handled, but if iOS provides an API for that you 
could write a library for it with LC Builder.

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