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On 2017-05-03 14:07, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks for that, this was very enlightening (should be, once
> again, attached to the Dictionary).
> If I understand correctly, it explains why testing for speed
> has reliable results only on _physical_ mobile devices.
> And, while in physical desktop environments a stack/ an app may
> run correctly, virtual desktop systems may extremely slow down if
> host and guest have different default compositor properties. Even
> if the virtual engine tries to use the host's GPU.

To be fair, speed tests are only really reliable on the devices you
are wanting to run your code on. When using any sort of GPU, it will
depend on the GPU (although, it should be noted that if the GPU is
only being used for blending - like accelRendering does - then the
cost to update a frame which has no changes to any objects is pretty
constant - and directly proportional to the number of (partially)
visible tiles). If using software (or CG modes) then it will depend
on the speed of the CPU.

At least when acceleratedRendering was written, the CoreGraphics and
software modes running on a decent Mac desktop at the time were
about the same, if not a bit faster than using OpenGL compositor on
a recent iDevice at the time.

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