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David V Glasgow wrote:

 >> On 30 Apr 2017, at 2:49 pm, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> David V Glasgow wrote:
 >> > Because of the cost issue, I am assuming that Android will be the
 >> > most appropriate platform.
 >> If cost were the only issue, Android would no doubt be the better
 >> choice by virtue of its vastly more diverse hardware ecosystem.
 >> But again, it boils down to what the user is expected to do with it.
 >> For infrequent lightweight tasks it probably doesn't matter much,
 >> but if the user will be using the device a lot it may matter whether
 >> they already have deep experience with iOS or Android.  The two OSes
 >> are different enough that I see users of each stumble and become
 >> frustrated when they try to use the other.
 > Good point Richard,
 > I should have said.
 > Nothing I would expect to be particularly demanding.  Mostly shunting
 > text about on screen, timing and recording responses, and very modest
 > data exchange  < = 1000 characters.

In that case I would be inclined to strongly recommend Android for two 

- Hardware variety:  OMG! the range of devices is vast, so the only 
difficulty in picking one with an optimal balance between price and 
performance will be because there are so many to choose from. :)

- Installation: For small scale local deployments, you just turn on the 
"Unknown Sources" option in Android Prefs, copy the APK to the device 
either through SD card or a web server, and after installing it turn off 
the "Unknown Sources" option again to prevent other side-loading. 
That's it.  Instant win, with no complex paperwork or installation 
process with provisioning profiles as you'd need for iOS.

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