Documentation on Accelerated Rendering

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Mon May 1 03:44:31 EDT 2017

Layering was definitely broken, that's for sure. But in this case we're 
referring to the layermode of a draggable object. I haven't worked much 
with his latest version yet, when I was doing it I was using fields instead 
of images. But since the images are created on the fly from within LC I 
assume they'd be RLE.

Aren't all images buffered by default? I thought so but maybe not.
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> Did you already try the following?
> Layer mode:
> Use 8.1.4. Before that and in 9-dp6 exact layering is broken.
> The combination:
> set the acceleratedRendering to false
> set the paintcompression to RLE
> set the alwaysbuffer of <new image> to true
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