Object Selection Handles

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Mar 28 11:51:13 EDT 2017

Ali Lloyd wrote:

 > Instead of declaring that this is how it should be, it's much better
 > to provide examples and justification. I just checked, and every
 > application I have on this computer does selection handles with the
 > center of the handle on the boundary of the object.

Centering the handle on the corrner/edge is how LibreDraw does it too.

I think that makes sense, given that the user will aim for the center of 
the handle, and as such will be aiming for the corner/edge.

As for shape, the justification is is that a solid square is an easier 
target to hit than an anti-aliased circle.

I believe Adobe Illustrator uses circles, but AFAIK only for Bezier 
points.  Object boundary handles there seem to be square, as they are in 
LibreDraw, and historically in apps like Fireworks all the way back to 
NeXTStep Layout and MacDraw.

Apple's Interface Builder uses square handles:

MSDN shows square handles even for Bezier points:

Xamarin also uses square handles:

Qt Creator as well:

Even FileMaker Pro:

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