Line numbers for soft-wrapped styled text?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Mar 27 19:51:41 EDT 2017

What a cool idea !

In fact, could you not simply do
    set the liststyle of line 1 to -1 of fld "mytextfield" to "decimal"
and then unset the liststyle whenever needed (e.g. when the field is 
subject to  copy, save, etc.)

-- Alex.

On 27/03/2017 20:32, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
> This morning Jim Lambert emailed me a very different solution that I 
> thought would be worth sharing here.
> Here he uses the engine's own metrics for calculating vertical line 
> spacings, by having the number field placed below the editable text 
> field, setting its width to that of the editable field + a left margin 
> in which he uses the engine's support for numeric list styles to draw 
> the line numbers:
> on textchanged
>    lock screen
>    set the htmltext of fld "nums" to the htmltext of me
>    set the liststyle of line 1 to -1 of fld nums to "decimal"
>    set the scroll of fld "nums" to the scroll of me
> end textchanged
> The only downside I can see to this approach is for memory, as it 
> requires copying the full styled text from the source field into the 
> line number field.
> Very minor drawbacks for my needs are aesthetic:  I prefer a line 
> number field without trailing decimal points ("1" rather than "1." as 
> LC's listStyle renders), and that line number be left-aligned by LC 
> renders its list line numbers left-aligned.
> But overall quite nice, and very snappy. Thanks, Jim!

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