[ANN] tinyDictionary

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at sonic.net
Wed Mar 22 20:31:49 EDT 2017

On 03/22/2017 12:46 PM, BNig via use-livecode wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> tinyDictionary tries on preopenCard -> loadPreferences to find via
>  put specialFolderPath("support") into tFolderSupport
> an "application support" folder and there a "LcTinyDict" folder where it
> tries to create a txt file "tinyPrefs.txt"
> This is in the card script.
> If it can not create the folder then the alert appears. I don't know
> anything about Linux and where that folder might be. Or may be it is a
> permission thing?

The good folks at LC haven't found it neccesary to allow more than a 
handful of folderIdentifiers for linux. And in spite of what the 
documentation says, the result is *not* set to "folder not found" when a 
non-supported or nonexistent folderIdentifier is specified - it's just 
empty, which is somewhat less useful.

I default saving preferences files to the directory where the saving 
stack lives, and normally that's my user Plugins folder, and I use the 
undocumented (http://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=16189) 
revEnvironmentUserPluginsPath() function to get those.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at gmail.com

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