Widget usage examples

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Mar 20 02:50:12 EDT 2017

> BR wrote
> Now, if only we could layer objects on top. I'm seeing more and more apps now
> that are using this kind of effect as the background, they also use looping
> video - not animated gif, but actual video: short small looping clips that
> run behind/ underneath a scrolling group of buttons or rows.

Didn't you see the mouseCoords in the LC field while moving the mouse over the
browser? Just do the layering in javascript and call LC by js-handlers.

And moreover: As soon as more than 20% of all apps use this it will become boring.
The next coloured cat is already entering the main street.

The smoothness is due to accessing the hardware not a result of using a special
language (although in this case the brilliant combining of CSS and javascript by
John at Toymakerlabs is very important):
If you try such an effect for example in a virtualbox that has < 50% of your GPU
and/or a small amount only of your CPU then you will have stuttering...

How should LC achieve all that native accesses and cross platform handling with
its small developer group? You compare to results that are done (in sum) by
hundreds of specialised developers!

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