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> I recently had a brief flirtation with Firefox for a few weeks, then gave
> up in disgust and went back to Chrome. Web browsers are such memory hogs
> these days.

I used slimjet for a few weeks (A chrome variant with the google reporting
removed) after a few years of firefox, and mozilla before that.

It was a somewhat smaller footprint (firefox had been going to a gig or so
of ram for each email), and could run multiple profiles at once  (instead
of multiple instances of firefox), but I've gone back to safari over most
things, both for the memory (still too much for multiple gmail), stability
(slimjet crashed twice most days), and most of all the keychain.  slimjet
*claimed* that it would use the keychain if you didn't use it's own
password system, but just plain didn't (although I think it tried exactly
once).  i'm not willing to store my passwords with google . . .

On the bright side, the latest versions of chrome throttle background tabs
(by 99%, iirc0 if they stay too active, a feature i expect t spread, and
the safari in High Sierra beta successfully blocks autoplay on websites.
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