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Zryip created a little intellisense plugin some years ago. <>

It´s free for users of the Excel Library.


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> Am 19.07.2017 um 22:10 schrieb Todd Fabacher via use-livecode <use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>>:
> One of the single largest problems we face is resistance to LiveCode in the
> corporate is developers. One, they are not eager to learn a new language.
> But once I show them LiveCode, they see the simple ease and simplicity and
> become open to the prospect. I even explain it as a way of prototyping
> their logic in an English format.
> But once they start coding, they outright reject it because of the complete
> lack of IntelliSense. These people will NOT BUDGE. There is no way we are
> going to convince them that they will have to remember the properties and
> function names.
> I saw in Kevin's demo of the latest version which showed that there was
> FINALLY a list of events to choose from. This should have been there years
> ago. You just need to look at LiveCode's competition to see progress. Xojo
> is one example. We needed to create a RasPi app as a test, so we purchased
> a license, and it's IDE was quite good. MUCH better than LiveCode. We also
> use Visual Studio, which has fantastic IntelliSense.
> Here is what they are looking for:
> 1. Function completion. As you type it starts to match a function name, all
> the functions so up in a list to choose from as I type.
> 2. Function parameters. once I type a function, I can mouse over it and all
> the parameters and a quick explanation show up.
> 3. I understand that properties are going to be a problem because LiveCode
> is NOT in an algebraic format like Object.Property = value. So setting the
> properties first is an issue. How about we put in a placeholder like:
> set the ? from field "test"
> set the ? from widget "map"
> soon as I put in the object type or object name for a widget, I
> would get a pop-up with a list of properties to select from.
> These functionalities may not be easy, but should not be difficult. Maybe
> an IntelliSense extension, done by the community can be done? It is a major
> barrier to entry for experienced developers to switch to. This is the #1
> reason we can not get coders in companies to agree to LiveCode. #2 was Git,
> but that seems to be solved with community involvement from Trevor.
> Just an idea,
> Todd Fabacher
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