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Tim Selander selander at
Mon Jul 10 10:09:49 CEST 2017

Hi Richmond

This works (both scripts in the button):
on mouseUp
put goRed()
end mouseUp

function goRed
set the backGroundColor of card 1 to red
end goRed

I think the general idea is that a function returns information. So 
date() returns the date. But just having a line "date()" in the script 
causes an error because you haven't told it what to do with the info 
being returned. So you need "put data()" and then the info will go to 
the message box.

Your function doesn't return any data. That's your choice when you write 
it. But the engine is still expecting a function to return info, so you 
still have to say "put" trigger the function.

You could write your function with a parameter:
function goRed foo
set the backGroundColor of foo to red
end goRed

Then call the function like this:
put goRed("card 1")
put goRed("card 3")
etc., and the one function can be used to turn both card 1 and card 3 
(and any other object you specify in foo) red.

Hope that helps.

Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

On 7/10/17, 15:48, Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode wrote:
> I am obviously missing something . . .
> . . . so badly so that I've been trawling Danny Goodman's "Complete" 
> HC 2 . . .
> and NOT getting 'it' . . .
> SO: one can set up a custom command:
> on GoRed
>   set the backGroundColor of card 1 to red
> end GoRed
> and one can call it:
> on mouseUp
>    do GoRed
> end mouseUp
> and one can set up a custom function:
> function GoRed
>   set the backGroundColor of card 1 to red
> end function
> Now: is the reason I cannot call that function because it takes NO 
> parameters?
> Richmond.
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