Peculiar behavior of group objects with hide-lock. show-unlock

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Jul 7 05:11:05 CEST 2017

Jacque, you can pull nightly and check out the daily lesson card script.

I don't have multiple lock unlock anywhere… I read that in the docs. 

I made sure

1) Pair only lock/unlock
2) one pair only hide/show

in the whole script.. but "no way, no how" could I get them play together. There are clearly rendering issues where (I suspect) the VRam  update for the visual effect is almost like running on a separate thread and  is running actually slower than the engine, and to make matters mor interesting, some old version of the field is cached and that cached version is still "alive" even after the script issues 

put empty into fld "daily-lesson-text" 
# cached version of the field is still floating round in the pretaloka. (world of disembodies souls attached to the earth plane… "ghosts")

I stripped out *all* hide and show handlers and trimmed back to

1) lock screen
2) then: put empty into the field; then build the whole text/typesetting with the next lesson
3) unlock screen with visual effect dissolve very fast.

OK this works. Except that I *did* want a pause in between where the users see the full background photo to have a brief "oh lovely!" moment, before showing the updated lesson text.

As it is now, the lock and unlock serves well. What seems like a lot of code to build/typeset the field happens "instantly" in the background with the screen locked and then the text dissolved and shows the new text. its like the text of the previous lesson magically "melts" into the next new text. Not my intended visual effect, but still pretty cool.

But it would be good to figure out how to do this.

Going the other route, using no lock


hide the field with visual effect dissolve very fast
 wait 500 millisecond with messages

# user see background graphic
# we put empty into the field
# run the new data in and typeset it.

show the field with visual effect dissolve very fast

shows the data from the previous incarnation of the field, before it was emptied. Almost as if it were cached;  until you "touch" it. Then "blink" the text updates.

I don't have time to build a sample test stack at the moment, but looks like a bug to me.



On 7/6/17, 8:39 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of J. Landman Gay via use-livecode" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of use-livecode at> wrote:

    I've hit a similar, but not identical, issue and have been planning to 
    submit a bug report but it's been tricky to extract example code from my 
    full project so I haven't got to it yet.
    There seems to be an issue with nested lockscreens if one of the locks 
    uses a visual effect. My guess is that the one with a visual effect 
    seems to corrupt or override the lock count.
    The workaround in my current project is to make sure there is only one 
    set of lock/unlock commands, the one with the visual effect. Apparently 
    that didn't work for you.
    My stack doesn't use "show/hide with visual effect" though. Instead I 
    "lock screen for visual effect" and then later "unlock screen with 
    visual effect." Maybe separating out the command that way would work better.

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